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My name is Zoraida, I am from Venezuela. I was born in Maracay, Aragua State. I am married and have two beautiful children. I graduated as a Geological Engineer at the Central University of Venezuela in 2010. 

Entrepreneurship and work have always run through the veins of my family and it is something that characterizes me, I feel like a warrior soul, unstoppable, I never stay calm, I always like to be creating. When I am passionate about something, I insist until I achieve it and improve myself in it. I don't believe in luck but in setting short or medium term goals always with a focus and going after them.

For many years I have worked in the cell phone area, where I directed the Family Businesses, which taught me how to deal with the public and teamwork.

When the pandemic arrived, everything took a turn that motivated me to reinvent myself... My Company Ballons Kadosh was born, where I started only with small arrangements, then I moved forward and created everything that inspired me in balloon bouquets, balloon arches and murals, today well consolidated and with which it has allowed me to bring a shower of surprises and emotions to many people from other corners both nationally and internationally.

As I always like to innovate and continue to grow, I felt the need to look for something else, something that would lead me to train as a professional where my knowledge, experience and approach would merge. 


As God's time is perfect, today thanks to the creator I am in the city of Katy, Texas being the #1 expert in Human Pediculosis, CEO Owner and Entrepreneur of GO LICE & NITS LLC.

With my company and profession I want to help many families to lead a calm life, without worries, since, with all love, extreme rigor and professionalism they will be taken care of.

Love what you do so much that you don't feel like you need a vacation, that's why we serve 24/7 


Take it easy!... We'll take care of it.

You will not need follow-up visits and best of all, we are  24/7!

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